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December 6, 2016
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February 28, 2017

Why Framing? A creative approach to displaying your art

It seems like custom picture framing is a lost art these days. We’ve had a number of people walk into out new location, curious to see what’s inside, only to gaze at our large wall of frame samples in amazement asking what we do. Stores specializing in only custom framing are not common, but I love the reaction of these same people after I explain to them we are a custom framing gallery. They look at the wall of mouldings with a newfound sense of curiosity, thinking, “there is so much too choose from….which one would I pick?”


Let there be more choices. Allow your mind to ponder all the possibilities. Don’t settle for anything less than a look you absolutely love.

Custom frame design is an art, however diminishing an art it may be. I love my job since I get to be an artist in how I design a project. While working with a client, the obstacles and challenges are part of the creative process:

“This can only fit in a space 24 inches wide.”
“There is so much green in this piece but I want it to complement my grey room.”
“I really love this particular style of art and I want my frame to match that style.”

I’m sure you’ve experienced a version of these challenges yourself in framing your beloved art. Designing a piece of art can be tricky, let alone the investment you are making for it to be professionally displayed! While these can be a headache, they simply just do not have to be.

This is where we come in.

See why framing doesn’t have to be in chore. Maybe it can actually be..fun? I hope so! Stop by and share your creativity with us as we gaze at the wall of possibilities.