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May 7, 2019
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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…. Which is the Fairest Frame of All?

Our latest newsletter went into detail on using mirrors to add light, space, and interest to your room. An essential mirror to most people is the full-length mirror, usually measuring 14″ wide x 54″ tall. This is the mirror we use to make sure our clothes match, check our hair, and sneak that last-minute look before we head out for the day. Since this mirror is used so often, we wanted to highlight all the possibilities of framing your full-length mirror to help match your personality and decor:

This Deco moulding reflects the sleek, modern style and elegant, luxurious materials of the Art Déco era and is ideal for art from portraiture to contemporary works.

This Jepara moulding features hand applied Capiz shells, a renewable resource harvested from the Java Sea and Indian Ocean.

This Komodo moulding features a textural lacquered finish with hand rubbed edges, a contemporary take on authentic Asian style.

The rich, charred wood finish of Carbon was inspired by the ancient technique of preserving wood.

Drawing inspiration from the world of aviation, this Zeppelin moulding was created to reflect the clean, modern look of industrial machinery.

Inspired by the famous Paris Eiffel Tower, the metallic finish of Eiffel mimics the tower’s wrought iron structure.

Which one is your favorite? Which one reflects your style most? Let us know in the comments below!