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January 16, 2019
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May 29, 2019

Bella’s Spring Creations Winner

It’s official!

SFC Gallery has award-winning frame designs! Our head designer Kristina submitted this frame design for Bella’s 2019 Spring Creations Winner. Check out Bella’s original blog post here.

Bella is one of the handful of moulding suppliers that we use here at SFC Gallery. One of the reason’s we carry Bella is because they offer a variety of specialty mouldings from lacquered, inlaid wood, hand-foiled finishes, and every color under the rainbow! Here’s the two frames Kristina used in the design:

Bella’s Zoot Suit Collection Black Stripe with Red & White Check

Bella’s Renzo Collection Light Zebrano Stripe Veneer Cap

Stop in to check out all of our framing options and allow us to help you make your artwork award-worthy!