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August 4, 2018
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Float Frames & the Abstract Beauty of Holly Jackson’s Work

In our newsletter, we recently showcased the functionality and simple elegance of using float frames. What’s a Float Frame? A float is a minimalist frame option sometimes used when framing art on canvas. The painting drops into the front of the frame so none of its front surface is covered. This is especially beneficial when the painting continues from the front down the sides of the canvas or when an important part of the subject comes so close to the edge of the art that it would be covered with the lip of a standard frame. As most float frames are very simple profiles, another, more decorative, frame can be added around it to being out the personality of your art.

One specific example was by local artist Holly Jackson where we framed one of her commissioned works for a client in Beverly Shores. The piece is a Triptych, made up of three separate canvases that unite to create a single work of art.  Since each piece was designed to be displayed very close to one another, the frame had to be thin and not distract from the art. Larson Juhl’s Cranbrook floater frame made of solid walnut was the ideal fit. The triptych is now hanging proudly in its new home in Beverly Shores.

Dogwood Triptych. Holly Jackson. Acrylic on canvas. Three panels of 24″ x 24″. Private Collection.

While searching for examples for this newsletter, I knew right away that I had to feature one of Holly’s pieces since floater frames work so well with her work. What I didn’t expect was to have trouble finding only ONE piece to use, since they were all so well done, both artistically and functionally with the floater frame. In the end, I decided to use the triptych, but also agreed to give the other pieces their fair share of celebrity by making a blog post about them. Enjoy!

Let’s Lay Down. Holly Jackson.  Acrylic on canvas. 20” x 10.” 2018. Available for Purchase.

This stunning abstract shows the true breath of Holly’s ability. She may be best known for her florals, but her strength as an artist shines brightly in her abstract work (in my opinion). “Let’s Lay Down” is a well-structured composition with a neutral color palette,  making the viewer appreciate the subtle blues and pinks ghosting the canvas.  The canvas is surrounded by the background finish of its Larson Juhl Alloy floater frame, with gives it the classic “floating” appearance with 1/4″ all around. The cool silver finish with its own subtle color glow fits this painting like a glove.  The best part, this painting is still available for purchase!

Edge Of Reasons. Holly Jackson. Acrylic on board. 12″ x 12″. 2018. Available for Purchase.

A small square abstract on panel is framed in Larson Juhl’s Andover Collection with a 1/4″ float reveal. This moulding bridges classic contemporary design with a complex, antiqued foil finish. The Andover line is filled with multi-functional profiles and basic finishes to a go-to look in contemporary, casual, elegant interiors. Add this piece to your collection!

Don’t Be A Coward About You. Holly Jackson. Acrylic on canvas. 48″ x 36″. Private Collection.

This large floral piece was purchased from the artist to fit on a particular wall space in their home. Due to its size and the larger design elements, I recommended a wider float frame where the face of the frame was about 2″. Not only did this assure that the frame would be able to handle a canvas this size, but the wider frame looked better with the design too. The new owner was torn between the black and the white frame, and I recommended a mock-up with both frames on the wall it was intended to hang. Both frames from Larson Juhl’s Gallery One Collection looked great, but knowing the final display area really helped make the decision on which frame to choose.

The white was a softer approach to the overall design, and looked like it belonged on the wall next the the white trim and furniture accents. The right frame can make all the difference! This piece now proudly hangs in private home in Munster, IN.

Oh California. Holly Jackson. Acrylic on canvas. 12″ x 12″. 2018. Available for Purchase.

Another square abstract, but this time we used a double-step floater frame from Omega’s Essentials where there is actually two levels to mount the canvas instead of one. Since this frame was flat black, the extra step gave the small piece more depth and interest than being just a simple black frame. I’m usually weary of black frames as a frame designer, but this case proves that sometimes black and simple is best! The art really looks amazing in this floater. Take it home with you by contacting Holly Jackson directly.

Please note: All artwork images were used with permission by the artist. We encourage you to shop locally and view Holly’s work in person at her studio in historic downtown Chesterton. If you’d like to view more of her work online, visit her Facebook Page at Please contact the artist directly for purchases at (219) 926-8290.