Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…. Which is the Fairest Frame of All?
May 29, 2019
Tru Vue Blog Feature
October 31, 2019

Don’t be a “Basic B”

Using Black Frames Creatively

This October, we thought we’d visit one of our most popular frame color — BLACK!
Most people assume a black frame is all they need, but why do we have choose something so basic? There are so many beautiful and unique black frames available — the least we could do is find one with style! Check out some of our examples below to see how you can turn your framing project from “Basic B” to FABULOUS!

Lucerne BLACK
Simple and elegant, this Lucerne moulding is inspired by the movement and motion of Lake Lucerne in central Switzerland. A silver frame lip helps to accent the silver leafing done by the artist and black has subtle textures to give subtle detailing.
Oaxaca BLACK
Oaxaca, a region of Mexico, is a tourist’s dream land of arts and crafts, dance and music. Our Oaxaca frames are available in a ceramic black finish, bright silver reminiscent of Mexican sterling jewelry and a bright gold like the treasures sought by Coronado and his conquistadors. This woodblock prints rough, rugged lines are mimicked in the distressed, textural finish in the frame.
Artwork by Carin Weston
Inspired by the look of European country antiques, this Devon moulding has the authentic look of aged, reclaimed wood with its beautiful, complex veneer finish. Paired with Garret’s Waterwoods collection of vibrant, beautiful color hardwood moulding, this piece says Luxe Lodge with refined wood tones that still read as “black” from a distance.
Artwork by Terry Armstrong
The distinct, intricate designs on this Sofia moulding are achieved through a hand-hewn process using embossed compo. This architectural photo is brought to life with the hinted geometric patterns on the outer edge of the frame and works perfectly with the light silver finish that softens the boldness of the black to blend perfectly into the landscape of the photography.
Photography by Louisa Murzyn
Liberace BLACK
Pattern is a great tool to use in frame design and this Black & White piano key striping is perfect for this pen and ink. Use repetition to your advantage by using it in your framing. There are plenty of more subtle patterns out there, but we can’t help but show you one BOLD option to consider!
Artwork by Mary Vihon