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February 28, 2017
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Introducing SFC Framing Stories A piece of family history worth the wait

In this industry, there is rarely ever a “simple frame job.” The very nature of the industry says it all: Custom Framing. What that means is that every project we see is unique. Some even have an interesting story behind them. Now, we are happy to be able to share with you some of these select stories from our clients.

Our first story starts with a woman unable to find the perfect frame. Sharon Mallar has been to four other frame shops and still can’t “The One” perfect frame for her projects. Her first piece is a original Japanese painting on paper that has been been in the family since 1945. The second is an original painting on canvas that was created by her aunt and given to her mother 35 years ago. Both have a huge sentimental value and deserved a great frame, but Sharon kept them packed, waiting for the right frame to come along.

Then, her aunt suggested SFC Gallery. They both stopped in and brought us her two paintings, hoping to find that special look that she had been waiting for.

“I was immediately happy with the suggestions for both pictures.
Finally, I had the look and feel I wanted!” – Sharon Mallar

Here are the results:


The old frame: You can see the damage in the moulding corners and some of the spotting from mold that the mat was starting to form. Also, NO Glass!


Gotta have some detail shots!


You can see the texture in the new mat beautifully here. The vertical direction lines in the fabric encourage the viewer’s eye to look throughout the whole art. The gold fillet matches the frame and the art perfectly and the Museum Glass only allows a few spots of the direct light above to be reflected in this shot. Both the frame and the fillet are a water-gilded finish, which means the gold leaf is applied by hand. This is whats gives this gold it’s particularly beautiful shine that you just can’t get with painted finishes.

The overall look is clean, yet stunning look with a nod to the history and culture of the art itself.

Here’s her aunt’s painting in it’s new frame:


This frame was a mixture of silver and gold to bring out the rich tones present in the painting. The repeating “lamb’s ear” pattern on the inside edge of the frame helps to pull out the lively brushstrokes of the background and flower petals, allowing the art to extend into the frame and meld the entire design together. In cases like this, it looks like the frame and the art were designed for each other!

Overall, these pieces were a joy to design and work with the client to find the perfect look.  Here’s a review from Sharon:

“I want to thank you for the amazing “restoration” of
my beautiful oriental picture and my Auntie Lou DeWolf’s painting.
I have taken care of these pictures for so long with the hopes of finally getting them framed….
and you folks brought them to life. I cannot thank you enough! ….Definitely 5-Star Framers! “