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May 31, 2017
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September 14, 2017

Redesigning to fit the Space

A few weeks ago , we had one of our clients come in with two projects to be framed for her living space. Both pieces had an eastern feel, with lots of negative space. With a little help, we were able to get both pieces framed and to our client, happy and ready to hang when she returned home.

However, we received a call from this same client within the week, and she was concerned how the white mats looked in her space. At the gallery when she picked up, both pieces of art looked great. But when she brought them home, they seemed too yellow, nothing at all like they did earlier.

When she described the problem to me over the phone, I knew right away that the walls had something to do with this change. I recommended for me to stop by her home to see the pieces in-person, and to see the color of the walls. Our client was kind enough to let us into her home to take a look at the space.

Sure enough, the wall color was an off-white, but a white that was very  grey in nature with strong cool tones that reflected the light in a very neat way. The problem was it was making her “off-white” mats look yellow due the contrast to cool and warm whites next to each other. We looked at a few mat samples in the space to see how the wall color and reflected light affected the samples, and decided to try out a new mat to see if the piece would look any better.

Living Room 2(2)

After reframing the pieces, I wanted to make sure that the pieces looked perfect in the space. I dropped them off at the client’s home, and hung them on the cool-white wall. Perfect match! Now the artwork looks good on both cool and warm walls and our client can enjoy them in her space for many years.


SFC Gallery is happy to offer in-home consultation services for framing and installation. Here’s what this client had to say after we reframed the work:

“I experienced outstanding customer service!

The designer Kristina was knowledgeable and lovely to work with. 5/5 Stars!”